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About the Yjing Hotel

The partnership between Yjing group and Taihu golf hotel is based on the same culture of excellence and respect of environment.

Provide the best services and leisure for the well being of people and expand the tourism Yijing group hotel and Taihu golf hotel offer now a loyalty card which allows loyal guests to enjoy privileges when they choose our hotels.

  • Taihu golf hotel is fully entitled to determinate the Yijing loyalty card program and his benefits and services.
  • The hotel reserves the right to modify or cancel at any time with prior notice or without prior notice, the loyalty program terms of rules and benefits.
  • The hotel reserves the right with a 6 months written prior notice, to cancel the loyalty card. After the termination of the loyalty card program, the member still have 6 months to enjoy his benefits and rewards.
  • Eligible person for Yijing loyalty card, must be 18 years old. No minor under age of 18 will be accepted.
  • The owner of loyalty card has to comply with the rules and conditions, to be able to keep the loyalty card.
  • In case if the loyalty card owner didn't use his card in the past 12 months, the card may be freeze and the preferential services and benefits might be lost.
  • The loyalty card can be suspended by his owner during a prescribed period of time. In case of the suspension exceed the prescribed time; the owner will not be able to recover his benefits.
  • Loyalty card and benefits are non-refundable in cash.
  • The applicant of the loyalty card, will agree to receive Taihu Golf Hotel promotion activity through SMS, phone, email or fax.

Taihu Golf Hotel reserves the final decision for the interpretation of the terms and conditions.

The Yijing hotel loyalty card

To become member of the Yijing hotel loyalty card, you have to stay in one of the Yijing Hotels, and accept to comply with the terms and conditions.

You may select one of the following way to join the Yijing loyalty card program.

  • Through a registration in the front desk of the hotel with a application form.
  • Through website of the hotel, and the section reserved to the loyalty card program
  • By telephone 0512-66217777
  • Through the purchase of the hotel Yijing card directly to obtain the membership

The members of the Yijing loyalty card program can enjoy exclusive benefits and services:

A Member Price

Price list

B Value courtesy
  Courtesy projects Membership card Prepaid card
1 Spend 1rmb earn 1 points; in addition you get 5% of your total expenses in points
2 Redeem your points at any time
3 Individual membership
Late check out till 2pm
4 late check out till 4pm
5 Free newspaper
6 Free parking
7 Free car wash
8 Free shoes shine
9 Welcome tea
10 Welcome fruit plate
11 50rmb western restaurant voucher
12 200rmb SPA voucher
13 15% discount on laundry service (exclude special item)
14 15% discount on Food & Beverages (not included cigarettes,seafood and banquet)
15 Direct line for booking
16 Priority service for check in and check out
17 Free breakfast
18 Free laundry (only shirt, 1pcs)
19 2 Free Golf practice voucher in Golf academy or 2 hours free mahjong
20 Afternoon tea in our executive lounge in (12floor) or 1 hour use im executive meeting room (12 floor)
Please book in advance
21 Free birthday cake the day of your birthday
22 Personal greeting message for Chinese National days
A heart gift

You may select the following gifts as reward in exchange of your points.

Service & Gifts Points Required
Deluxe lake view room voucher 30000
Fresh brewed cup of coffee 500
Box of homemade cookies 1000
4pcs box of homemade chocolate 1000
8pcs box of homemade chocolate 1500
12tabletsof homemade chocolate 2000
Selection of baked cake 3000
Saturday Lantern'sbuffet voucher 5000
Kobe teppanyaki set menu voucher 8000
Bottle of red wine 10000
Standart Family package( 3pax) 18000
Family package (5pax) 30000
Reunion Family package (10pax) 50000
Deluxe family package (10pax) 80000
45mns body massage 8000
Facialnourishingessence treatment 10000
Hot stone pedicure treatment 5000
SPA voucher 5000
Entertainment voucher 5000
Golf practice voucher 1500