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Taihu Golf Villas – Fortune Manor

   Taihu Golf Villas – Fortune Manor is located at the center of the Suzhou Lake Tai Tourism and Vacation Zone in a beautiful landscape. At the north side they are flanked by the 18 holes of the championship level golf course. In the south you see the 240 thousand hectares of Lake Tai; the west side faces Yuyang mountain scenic area and the east neighbors Lake Tai Cultural Forum. The 51 villas in modern Chinese style are gathered on a total surface of 40000m2. The forestation rate is 56%, volume frequency 0.2% and building density 11%.

Taihu Golf Villas – Fortune Manor is constructed with a combination of Chinese specifics as Wudian roof, Matou wall, connected courtyards, Fen wall, Dai roof tiles; Suzhou symbols and modern architecture as sandstone, stone materials etc. At the same time there is influence of the Southeast Asian pure architecture and of Chinese modern art which makes the villas great residences.

In the area of courtyard landscaping the traditional gardens are the inspiration. Water is the underlying structure on which islands are connected in the famous garden style "Zhoudao". Inside each villa the natural height differences are used skillfully to bring landscape and private space together. This is done with the 5 styles of courtyards: family courtyard, middle courtyard, sunken courtyard, master courtyard and side courtyard.

Taihu Golf Villas - Fortune Major will always be proud of its location according to Feng Shui, superior ecology and nature friendliness. It is a great place for business representatives from all over the world.

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Taihu Golf Apartment

The Taihu Golf Apartments are located in the Binhu leisure area of Suzhou Lake Tai Tourism and Vacation Zone. They are fused together with the 18 holes of the championship level golf course. The east side faces the Lake Tai Cultural Forum; the south overlooks Lake Tai; in the north you can see the birthplace of the "Art of War", Qionlong mountain, in the distance and the west side leans on Yuyang mountain. This is a precious place of real mountains and water with great ecology to raise a child.

The Taihu Golf Apartments are located at 30km distance from Suzhou city center, 100km from Shanghai and Hangzhou, 90km from Shanghai harbor and Zhangjiagang, 70km from Wuxi, 200km from Nanjing and 90km from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Via the City Ringway and the Shanghai-Nanjing, Suzhou-Shanghai and Suzhou-Hangzhou Highways they are conveniently accessible from all sides.

The Golf Apartments with the magnificence of Lake Tai and the quietness of the greens before the eye make you quick-witted. The apartments occupy 37117.54m2 in the total building area of 120000m2 which embodies 1455m2 of exclusive office space and 7512m2 of shopping streets. The main area of an apartment is 40-94m2. The community is formed of 7 skyscrapers surrounding a wide open central courtyard which gives a nice interior view. The design with a sloping structure is an ingenious fusion of trade space, office space and garage to make everyday life complete. This high level residence can provide lifelong happiness.

The Taihu Golf Apartments follow the style "surrounding connected with interior" in the area of landscape design. The skyscrapers are external connected half-round to guarantee full privacy. Interior the many levels have the courtyard as center, supplemented by the central flower garden which forms the view from the veranda east to west. This creates sufficient relaxation space for the community. The very fashionable shopping street has a 24-hour restaurant, a Family Mart, the Golden Butler service center, leisure facilities, etc. to provide everything which satisfies the needs of everyday life. We offer the ultimate luxurious courtesy personalized up to details for owners and business executives.

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